Thorsten Heins Confirms BlackBerry 10 PlayBook Tablet Not Ruled Out

Thorsten Heins Confirms BlackBerry 10 PlayBook Tablet Not Ruled OutThere have been plenty of leaks as of late suggesting that a new BlackBerry 10 Tablet could be set to launch later this year – a successor to the rather tragic BlackBerry PlayBook. Despite the fact that this week’s rather exciting BlackBerry roadmap leak turned out to be a hoax…one that we’re all guilty of falling for…speculation as to the company’s next move in the Tablet PC market continues.

However, while leaks and speculation are all well and good, it takes the odd nugget here and there from the horse’s mouth to really get us excited.

Good news therefore as a recent interview with company CEO Thorsten Heins brought confirmation that BlackBerry is still considering a follow-up to the PlayBook and hasn’t at all ruled out re-entry to the lucrative Tablet PC market.

“We’re thinking about it,” said Heins, while speaking to reporters from The Canadian Press.

“But we’re thinking about it also in the context of BlackBerry 10.”

The latter is something of an obvious statement to say the least as the original intention as far as the BlackBerry PlayBook is concerned was to create a seamless mobile ecosystem where BB devices would work in a similar vein to iPads and iPhones. However, the PlayBook launches with dozens of deficiencies which although remedied to an extent by delayed software leaks pretty much sealed its fate in a month or two.

It flopped…big time.

So, as far as the BlackBerry 10 Tablet or PlayBook 2 is concerned, chances are that the company once known as RIM will be focusing just as extensive efforts on BB10 device compatibility and ecosystem creation as they will on specs, features and raw power.

And it would also appear that lessons were learned the hard way the first time around, with Heins having admitted that the Tablet PC market really is Apple’s personal stomping ground and that making any real impact on the market is difficult to say the least.

There will be no third chances for the BlackBerry Tablet, which means with the next PlayBook they either have to hit a home run, or forget about the idea entirely.

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