SunTrust Mortgage Rates Just Behind US Bank Today

SunTrust Mortgage Rates Just Behind US Bank TodayMortgage rates at US Bank (NYSE:USB) still have a slight lead over SunTrust (NYSE:STI) today, though both lenders are very much toward the top end of the table for home purchases and refinance deals alike.

US Bank

The best 30 year loan interest rates at US Bankcorp (NYSE:USB) are coming out at 3.250% and APR of 3.441% today.  30 year FHA loan interest rates at the bank stand at 3.250% with a rather higher APR of 3.791%.  The typically higher interest jumbo 30 year mortgage interest rates have been offered at 3.750% and an APR of 3.894% a bit higher than the non-jumbo loans.

30 year VA loans start at 3.500% with an APR of 3.826%.

Shorter term 15 year fixed rate mortgages at the bank are available starting at 2.500% today carrying an APR of 2.803%.

15 year FHA fixed rate loan interest rates have been offered at 2.750% yielding an APR of 3.433%.  15 year Jumbo fixed rate loan interest rates are being offered for 2.750% today with an APR of 3.000%.

The VA 15 year fixed rate mortgages stand at 2.750% with an APR of 3.323%.  10 year loan interest rates have been quoted at 2.375% at the bank today with an APR of 2.920%.  3 year ARM loans have been published at 3.375% currently yielding an APR of 3.628% to start.

ARMs in the 5 year category at US Bank have been published at 2.875% with a starting APR of 3.420%.


30 year fixed rate loans are on the books at 3.375% at SunTrust Banks (NYSE:STI) carrying an APR of 3.477% today.  The best 30 year FHA fixed rate loans at the bank have been quoted at 3.200% and an APR of 4.295%.

Popular 15 year loan deals are coming out at 2.700% carrying an APR of 2.891% today.

5 year ARM interest rates can be had for 2.300% at SunTrust and an APR of 2.939%.  The 7/1 ARM loans are being quoted at 2.400% today with an APR of 2.921%.

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