Wayne Hunt

studied at Oklahoma Baptist University and Pennsylvania State University before embarking on a
career in business management that took him all over the country and three different continents.
Wayne is a lover of history, facts and anything “well said”. Contact Wayne at


Michael AranguaMichael Arangua
has been a fulltime writer and web entrepreneur since 2005.
He has published full-length how-to guides with, worked with
high-profile SEO firms, interviewed celebrities and commentators for, and published critically acclaimed fiction. He is also a
consultant and the owner of Renaissance Writers. He is located in Fort
Worth, Texas where he lives with his wife and two cats. Contact Michael



Edward JonesEdward Jones
graduated University with First Class Honors in Journalism. He also has an FND in Journalism and Media Production. Eddie traveled extensively in Ireland, the USA and Thailand and now makes his home in Krakow, Poland. While he is not writing he enjoys music, skiing, ice skating, playing the guitar, cooking and eating. Contact Eddie at


Karla Fetrow
is a freelance writer located in Chugiak, Alaska. She has
studied at Anchorage Community College, the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill, Mendocino College in California, and in Mexico City, Mexico.
She has a BA in psychology and a concurrent degree in the liberal arts. She
has worked for the Pittsboro Herald and for Anchorage Daily News.


Lorenzo Tanos

Lorenzo Tanos
graduated from De La Salle University in Manila where he lives with his family. He spends his weekends playing in a rock band and loves writing about what’s going on in the world of music. He is also a sports enthusiast and deep repository of sports trivia. Lorenzo also loves the PC gaming world while he’s not to busy with his other hobbies, and yes, his writing. Contact Lorenzo at



Cindy Ru

Cindy Ru
is not only a news writer but an avid news reader as well. She has published pieces for businesses and organizations across the web in a variety of formats. Cindy enjoys learning new things, meeting new people and traveling the world to discover it’s wonders and beauty. Contact Cindy at



Jerrell Smith

Jerrell Smith
is an experienced writer of short stories, product reviews and of course,
news.  Jerrell has hands on experience with the technology that is taking
modern life by storm. Whether it is news stories or fiction, Jerrell takes
care to make a personal investment in each written piece. Contact Jerrell


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