PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox 720 Vs PC Gaming – A Unified Future?

PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox 720 Vs PC Gaming – A Unified Future?While we’re still being forced to hold out for release date confirmation or even a look at the thing, we at least have a smattering of core specs and features for the fabled PlayStation 4.

And in this instance, that’s about all we need to reach the conclusion that the PS4 is going to be a beast of epic proportions…or perhaps more accurately, PC proportions.

The Sony PlayStation 4 will launch later this year with an AMD chipset, an evolution of the company’s Radeon HD graphics care and various other goodies you’d find in a massively powerful gaming PC. And what exactly is it that makes all this and more so very exciting?

Simple – launch a PS4 and perhaps an Xbox 720 that are cleverly-disguised PCs and you make the lives of games developers vastly simpler. It might not be quite as simple as developing one version of a game that’s compatible with all three, but it’s certainly heading that way and becoming less complicated than ever before.

What all of the above also adds up to is a situation where PC gaming could be destined to fall a couple of places down the pecking order and be overtaken by the likes of the Xbox 720 and the PlayStation  4. At present, the specs and features of the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 are frankly depressing compared to how far PCs have come over recent years – something the launch of the new consoles looks destined to change in a big way.

But what does this mean for the PC and the future of PC gaming as a whole?

Well, chances are the pattern will once again follow similar lines as last time around, whereby thousands claimed the end of the PC gaming era was well and truly upon us and were summarily forced to eat their words when mind-blowingly powerful PCs once again left consoles in the dust.

All in all therefore, expect the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720 to raise the bar for gaming as we know it, only for said bar to be summarily re-raised once again by the next-generation PCs to follow.

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