Nokia Lumia 920’s Teething Troubles Not Affecting Strong Sales

Nokia Lumia 920’s Teething Troubles Not Affecting Strong SalesJust as was the case with both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 shortly after their release dates, the Nokia Lumia 920 appears to have a few bugs here and there that are beginning to annoy its users. Among a series of apparent ghosts in the machine are issues affected the battery life of the Windows Phone 8 Smartphone, while others have reported their devices becoming unresponsive on several occasions.

Some have also suggested that even when functioning as intended, the overall battery life offered by the Lumia 920 simply doesn’t measure up to the competition.

According to a series of reports posted by unrelated tech blogs around the world, the Nokia Lumia 920 is suffering from random reboots, occasional freezes and various other hiccups. This is of course a less than surprising turn of events given the way in which both the device itself and its Windows Phone 8 OS are brand new offerings, though such reports are hardly what Nokia or Microsoft needs right now when making every effort to build faith in their Windows 8 campaigns.

Both Microsoft and Nokia have yet to respond to the complaints and the authenticity of the reports cannot be verified, but given the way in which the same suggestions are cropping up from various countries around the world, the problem seems to be widespread.

Of course, it could prove that as was the case with the iPhone 5 a simple software patch/update is needed to set things back on track, but given the way in which the Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8 are quite massively under the world’s microscope right now, time isn’t something the two companies have to play with.

In any case, the Nokia Lumia 920 both on-contract and unlocked is proving to be enormously popular via carriers and third-party retailers alike, with some having reported the device as being the fastest-selling Windows Phone to date.


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