Mortgage Rates Today: US Bankcorp

 Mortgage Rates Today: US BankcorpStandard 30 year loan interest rates are listed at 3.625% at US Bankcorp (NYSE:USB) today carrying an APR of 3.810%.  The best 30 year FHA fixed rate mortgage interest rates stand at 3.625% at the bank yielding an APR of 4.183%.  The higher interest jumbo 30 year mortgage loans start at 3.500% and an APR of 3.725% a bit higher than the non-jumbo loans.  

The shorter term, popular 15 year loan deals at the bank are available starting at 2.625% yielding an APR of 3.020%.  

15 year FHA loan interest rates are published at 2.750% today and an APR of 3.433%.  The Jumbo 15 year fixed rate mortgages are coming out at 2.625% yielding an APR of 3.020% today.  10 year fixed rate loans have been listed at 2.500% at the bank today and an APR of 3.046%.  The 3/1 ARM deals are on the books at 2.500% currently showing an APR of 3.413%.  As far as ARMs go, 5 year deals are 2.500% at US Bankcorp with a starting APR of 3.287%.  

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