Mortgage Rates Today: Record Lows Continue at Bank of America, Citibank

Mortgage Rates Today: Record Lows Continue at Bank of America, CitibankUS lenders in sizeable numbers are this Sunday offering mortgage rates either at or near record lows, with Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) and Citibank (NYSE:C) being no exceptions to the rule. As if to silence those advising imminent action earlier this week, home buyers and refinancers holding out until the weekend have been blessed with some truly unstoppable value.

Bank of America (NYSE:BAC)

Standard 30 year FRM interest rates are coming out at 3.250% at Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) today with an APR of 3.451%.  Shorter term 15 year fixed rate mortgage interest rates at the bank have been listed at 2.875% with an APR of 3.165%.

The 5 year ARM deals at BoA are published at 2.500% with an APR of 3.087%.  The 7 year ARM loans have been listed at 2.750% currently with an APR of 3.121%.

30 year refinance fixed rate loans stand at 3.625% at BoA today with an APR of 3.826%.  The short term 15 year refi FRM interest rates have been listed at 3.000% carrying an APR of 3.322%.

The 5 year refi ARM loans have been published at 2.625% at BoA. with an APR of 3.128%.  7 year refi ARMs have been listed at 2.750% and APR of 3.138%.

Citibank (NYSE:C)

The best 30 year loan interest rates are being quoted at 3.125% at Citi Mortgage (NYSE:C) carrying an APR of 3.318%.  15 year fixed rate loans at the bank are available starting at 2.500% yielding an APR of 2.845%.

The best 30 year refinance FRMs at Citi Mortgage are being offered for 3.375% today yielding an APR of 3.535%.  The short term 15 year refi loan interest rates have been published at 2.875% today and an APR of 3.123%.

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