Mortgage Rates Today: PHH Mortgage Leads PNC Bank and the National Market

Mortgage Rates Today: PHH Mortgage Leads PNC Bank and the National MarketAnother week, another seven-day stretch with PHH Mortgage right at the top of the pecking order, today once again listing an array of incredibly home purchase mortgage rates that leave those of rivals like PNC Bank (NYSE:PNC) in the dust.

PHH Mortgage

The best 30 year FRMs at PHH Mortgage are available starting at 3.160% carrying an APR of 3.332% today.  The short term 15 year loan interest rates at the bank have been published at 2.500% yielding an APR of 2.809%.

10 year FRM interest rates stand at 2.500% at the bank yielding an APR of 2.951% today.  The best 20 year fixed rate mortgage interest rates are published at 3.070% at the bank and APR of 3.312% today.

40 year loan deals have been quoted at 3.580% today and an APR of 3.722%.

3 year ARMs are being quoted at 4.000% currently with a starting APR of 3.497%.  The 5 year ARMs have been listed at 2.170% at PHH Mortgage and an APR of 2.964%. ARMs and their APRs change as interest rates move up and down.  The 7/1 ARM loans are available starting at 2.340% today with an APR of 2.935%.  ARM loans in the 10 year category are available starting at 2.750% with an APR of 3.068%.

30 year refinance loans have been listed at 3.500% at PHH Mortgage yielding an APR of 3.723%.  Popular 15 year refi fixed rate mortgages have been quoted at 2.750% and an APR of 3.239% today.  7/1 ARMs are coming out at 2.625% currently with a starting APR of 3.141%.

PNC Bank

30 year FRMs at PNC Bank (NYSE:PNC) are being offered for 3.625% with an APR of 3.679% today.  The short term 15 year fixed rate loan interest rates are published at 2.875% and APR of 2.983%.

10 year fixed rate loans can be had for 2.875% at the bank today with an APR of 2.980%.  The best 20 year FRMs have been listed at 3.500% and APR of 3.560% today.

The benchmark 30 year refinance loans start at 4.000% at PNC and an APR of 4.042% today.  The short term 15 year refinance fixed rate mortgage interest rates start at 3.125% today with an APR of 3.193%.

10 year refinance fixed rate mortgages are being offered for 3.125% today yielding an APR of 3.225%.  20 year refinance FRM interest rates are published at 3.625% today carrying an APR of 3.710%.

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