Mortgage Interest Rates at Berkshire Bank Today

 Mortgage Interest Rates at Berkshire Bank TodayThe best 30 year fixed rate loans at Berkshire Bank (NASDAQ:BERK) start at 3.750% yielding an APR of 3.778%.  The FHA version of the 30 year loans start at 4.375% yielding a bit higher APR than the conventional loan of 5.002%.  The shorter term, popular 15 year loans at the bank stand at 3.000% today with an APR of 3.050%.  

20 year loan deals at the bank have been published at 3.625% and APR of 3.664%.  

The 3/1 ARM interest rates are on the books at 2.875%  showing an APR of 3ARMPA@.  ARMs in the 5 year category can be had for 3.125% at Berkshire with a starting APR of 5ARMPA@.  

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