Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Release Date January 2013 – Filling In the RT Gaps

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Release Date January 2013 – Filling In the RT GapsMicrosoft is at present reaping the rewards of the launch of Window 8, which combined with the release date of the new Surface Tablet has resulted in a significant windfall for the Redmond software giant. The Surface RT tablet in particular is drawing huge critical acclaim, having earned the backing and recommendation of parties as influential as Oprah Winfrey.

However, behind the scenes Microsoft is purportedly already preparing the next wave of its attack, in the form of the Windows Surface Pro Tablet release date penciled in for January 2013. Reports had already confirmed that the Windows RT Tablet would be joined by a pro version in the near future – said pro version is now destined to hit the shelves in January.

The Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet has apparently been designed to offer the full-fat desktop/laptop Windows 8 experience on a tablet PC, essentially making up for what the RT tablet lacks in terms of raw-power and lower application numbers. While the current Windows RT Surface tablet boasts strong specs and access to a myriad of aps via the Windows Store, it lacks several Microsoft staples including both Outlook and Windows Media Player.

Microsoft’s marketing push for its latest range of Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 devices continues to be one of the biggest in the history of the company. As the world’s key market continue the mass exodus away from standard computing and toward mobile devices and tablets, Microsoft has essentially rebuilt Windows 8 from the ground up to offer the most comprehensive cross-platform operating system to date.

In addition, the launch of the Surface Tablets and the apparent plan to introduce a Surface Smartphone in the near future indicates how Microsoft is more serious than ever before about creating an all-encompassing Windows ecosystem for corporate and consumer markets alike, much as Apple has done with its iOS range.


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