Microsoft and Windows 8 Facing Uncertain Year Ahead

Microsoft and Windows 8 Facing Uncertain Year AheadOne of the most crucial elements to a smartphone platform’s success as we move into 2013 is the interest that developers have in designing, developing and releasing applications for them.  This has been brought further to light recently by the quarterly surveys undertaken by a research company, IDC in conjunction with Appcelerator.

IDC conducted a survey recently which hinted at a trying time for Microsoft.  IDC surveys have a broad reach; just under five thousand developers are surveyed – a pretty significant number.  The four major heavyweights in the market at the moment are Apple, Google, Research in Motion (RIM) and of course, Microsoft.

Unsurprisingly, riding on the success of the ever-popular iPhone, Apple came out of the IDC survey looking pretty healthy.  In excess of eighty per cent of the surveyed developers expressed a keen interest to develop apps for both the iPhone and the iPad.  Falling in a close second was the Andriod system from Google, with over seventy-five per cent of developers expressing interest in developing apps for the company’s smartphones and a waning but still healthy sixty-six per cent for the Google Android tablets.

The odd one out RIM was pretty much expected to come in close to last and there were no surprises when just under ten per cent of developers said they were interested in writing apps for the BlackBerry smartphone and even lass for the company’s tablet, the PlayBook.

However despite it’s partnership with Nokia, it still looks like 2013 will be an uphill climb for Microsoft.  Only thirty-three per cent of developers expressed a keen interest to develop apps for the Windows 8 tablets and even less for the Microsoft’s smartphone, the Windows Phone 7.

Of course the development of apps is not the only factor in a company’s success in this very competitive and ever-changing market – however it would be foolish to not view it as a critical component.

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