LG Confirms Contention for Google Nexus 5 Partnership – Joins Sony, Motorola, HTC

LG Confirms Contention for Google Nexus 5 Partnership – Joins Sony, Motorola, HTC2013 is looking to be an exciting year in the world of Google Nexus Smartphones.

LG may not have announced any upcoming release date plans for 2013 at MWC, but they sure set a few fires burning after revealing they could indeed be brand behind the Google Nexus 5.

Or as it would summarily come to be known, the LG Nexus 5.

This summer will beyond any shadow of doubt bring an all-new Google Nexus 5 release date to the world – the follow-up to the massively successful LG Nexus 4. Having proved to be the biggest hit the dozens of markets of any Nexus Smartphone to date, rumors than the next Nexus would be another collaborate effort with LG have been rife for months.

However, Google in known to consider multiple Smartphone developers before making a final decision and in this instance is rumored to be mulling over alliances with LG, Sony, Asus, Samsung and HTC.

And then of course there’s Motorola – the once-market-leading Smartphone company that’s now owned and operated by Google and allegedly lining up the Motorola Nexus X for a summer release date.

Speaking of the LG Nexus 4 at last week’s event, company executives admitted that both Google and LG were taken by surprise with the scale of the Nexus 4’s success. The incredible package of top-tier specs and features for a rock-bottom price certainly did the same for the consumer masses and saw the Nexus 4 instantly sell out all over the world.

All of the above certainly gives credence to the ongoing rumors that there could by rights be a series of new Nexus Smartphones this year with various developers in-tow. But if this happens to be the case, there will still be one quite enormous question to answer:

Who gets to call dibs to Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie for the very first time?

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