iPhone 5S Rumour Roundup: Specs, Features, Release Date and Colours?

iPhone 5S Rumour Roundup: Specs, Features, Release Date and Colours?The rumored March arrival of the new Apple iPhone 5S continues to be discussed throughout technology circles worldwide.  So, what do we actually know or think we know about what this will entail?

Firstly it is thought that Apple will release the new iPhone 5s at the same time as a slightly remodeled iPhone 5.  It is widely thought this will be sometime in the height of summer.  In terms of specification, it is believed that the iPhone 5S will not be radically different from its predecessor – but may go so far as to include improvements to the camera such as an LED flash and an increased aperture of f2.0.  Rumors also abound about speedier performance providing with the assistance of an A7 chip.

In respect of the remodeled iPhone 5 – this has also been heralded as the iPhone for the cheaper end of the market.  Now we all know that the less-expensive end of the market has never been Apple’s domain so we’re not expecting a huge change in that respect, however it does seem apparent (if rumors are true of course) that the company is planning to make it’s flagship smartphone a little more affordable.  It is thought this will be achieved by fitting the phone with a plastic case which will reduce costs quite drastically.

The cheaper model will therefore be a little thicker.  A grand total of 6 different colors schemes will be available and the phone will be available to buy without a contract, enabling the consumer to choose the carrier that is most relevant to their phone usage and needs.  It is believed the new ‘cheaper’ iPhone will retail at around four hundred dollars off-contract.

It is hard to imagine Apple changing the face of its products simply to make them more affordable – it seems so out of character.  But if rumors such as those put about by the likes of the Wall Street Journal and various analysts persist, it may well be that Apple will surprise us all.


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