iPhone 5S / iPhone Mini Release Date Tipped for June – A New Direction for Apple?

iPhone 5S / iPhone Mini Release Date Tipped for June – A New Direction for Apple?Say what you will – Apple’s iPhone 5 release date opened a can of worms Tim Cook and his army would probably have rather remained sealed. From hardware problems to case-scratching complaints and right through to dozens getting lost in the Australia outback courtesy of Apple Maps, there were so many reasons no to buy the iPhone 5 and indeed question whether its day in the sun had come and passed.

However, one of the biggest aces in Apple’s sizeable hole is the way in which shortcomings are oh-so quickly forgiven or forgotten about for no reason other than the way in which follow-up release date hype soon captures the attention of the world. Case in point being right now – a point at which the iPhone 5 is still not all is was cracked up to be, but nobody seems bothered because we’re told the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 release date is technically already on the horizon.

According to those in the know – or so they claim – analysts by the dozen are now jumping on the bandwagon claiming that the iPhone 5S has been lined up for a release date this June. Bearing in mind that the iPhone 4S was initially the most criticized iPhone in history, another ‘S’ iPhone seems to be a brace move for Apple in the face of such competition.

Also, wouldn’t it be wiser to end the legacy of the iPhone 5 once and for all and go for the iPhone 6 branding? Or the iPhone X? Anything, really!

Well, it all depends on what the iPhone 5S, as we’ll call it for now, delivers. BusinessInsider for one has obtained privileged information that suggests that the iPhone 5S is currently being tested in various sizes and in about a dozen colors – similar hues to the iPod Touch range.

At the same time, others remain adamant that the iPhone 5S will launch as the fabled iPhone Mini we’d expected to have landed long before now. If true, the iPhone 5S / iPhone Mini will in all probability not be any smaller than the iPhone 5, but will ship with a plastic body, lower internal memory, a non-Retina quality display and no LTE antenna – all in the sake of massive cost savings.

In any case, all we really know is that Apple should for once be thinking about treading carefully with the next iPhone release as to go for the usual modest upgrade of power and form factor really won’t cut it this year. We’re already expecting an octa-core Samsung Galaxy S4 and an Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie powered Motorola X Phone during the spring, so for once it will in fact be Apple that faces the choice of either playing catch-up, of defecting from its own traditions in the biggest way to date.

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