iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 – Two Updates from Apple This Year?

iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 – Two Updates from Apple This Year?There are rumors flying around about what’s next for the iPhone and analyst Peter Misek seems pretty confident that a summer release date for the iPhone 5S may be on the cards.  Mr Misek, from Jefferies, also believes Apple will be looking to release the brand new iPhone 6, the new generation iPhone, quite quickly after the iPhone5 release.  This could potentially impact on the decisions consumers make with many wishing to wait until they have the newest, new generation iPhone.

The iPhone 5S is thought of as a slightly upgraded iPhone 5 whereas the iPhone 6 is the whole hog next generation.  Whispers abound that it will have a display of a huge 4.8 inches devoid of home button.  Mr Misek also talks about a more affordable version of the iPhone to appeal to the cheaper end of the market of which at present, Apple does not feature in.  Mr Misek makes reference to what may or may not be the specification of the cheaper model, including a smaller 4 inch screen which does not have Retina display.  It may also come without LTE.

It’s pretty common knowledge that the smartphone giant usually rolls out an ‘S’ iPhone model shortly before the release of the new generation model.  It has been rumored however that in this case, Apple may change their usual routine and leap from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6 without an ‘S’ model intermediate.  This however remains to be seen and assuming the iPhone 5S will indeed be released, some of Mr Misek’s spec predictions are quite interesting.

One of the main areas in which the iPhone 5S will be improved from its predecessor is battery life.  It is thought that a change to Sharp IGZO display would assist in achieving this without the device needing to bulk up.  There are also whispers of a 128 GB model with a much improved HD camera.  Again, this is all dependent on Apple sticking with the script and going ahead with the ‘S’ model rather than jumping in feet first with the iPhone 6.

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