HTC Readying 7-inch and 12-inch Windows RT Tablets for 2013

HTC Readying 7-inch and 12-inch Windows RT Tablets for 2013Is the Microsoft Surface Tablet destined for a big challenge from HTC?

HTC had a difficult 2012 to say the least and found that its fortunes were not helped by Microsoft’s decision to refuse the Taiwanese company licensing required for the creation of Windows 8 Tablets. Reports suggested that rather than seeing an HTC Tablet as a rival to the Surface Pro and Surface RT tabs, Microsoft instead felt that HTC wouldn’t be able to cut it in the Tablet PC market and had insufficient background in the relevant areas.

Well, it now appears that HTC has its sights set on proving Microsoft well and truly wrong, as the company is gearing up to launch a massive 12-inch Tablet and a smaller 7-inch Windows RT Tablet toward the latter half of 2013. Not only does the news herald a significant new direction for HTC, but also concerns what could very well become the first 7-inch Window RT Tablet in the world.

Of course, HTC’s track record in the Tablet PC market isn’t exactly gleaming – their HTC Flyer having been earmarked from greatness only to be discontinued less than eight months after its release date. You’d therefore be forgiven for voicing concern as to their chances this time around, but chances are they’ve learned from their mistakes and intend to avoid a repeat performance.

What’s more, the Windows 8 and Windows RT Tablet market is so sparsely populated at the moment that competition isn’t nearly as fierce as the Android market, which the HTC Flyer crashed out of spectacularly. Plus, the Surface RT Tablet has been met with a lukewarm welcome at best, while the near $1,000 Surface Pro Tablet is already being panned and hasn’t even seen its release date yet.

So, if HTC hits the nail on the head with a fully-capable 7-inch Windows RT Tablet for a decent enough price, chances are it will stand a much better chance than anything the brand could launch to rival the Google Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD, for example.

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