YouTube Confession Goes Viral – Matt Cordle’s Warning to Others

YouTube Confession Goes Viral - Matt Cordle’s Warning to OthersIn what has to be the most shocking and compelling YouTube video in the site’s history, an Ohio man comes clean about killing another driver in an unsolved hit-and-run incident. 22-year-old Matt Cordle confessed “I killed a man” referring to referring to Vincent Canzani who died after an accident in the early summer.

“I take full responsibility for everything I’ve done to Vincent and his family,” he states in the video which has since gone viral all over the world. Cordle hasn’t yet been charged, though court official have confirmed that he’s being held under suspicion of causing a fatal accident and is likely to be indicted for aggravated vehicular homicide.

What’s particularly striking and powerful about the video is how expertly it appears to have been produced. When he begins to talk about the June 22 incident during which he lost control of a vehicle after drinking heavily, his face is blurred.

He also spoke of the assistance offered to him by defence at tourneys, stating that he chose to confess when it would have been easy to get away with it.

“All I had to do was lie,” he added.

As far as his motivation for the video goes, his intention was for his mistake to act as a stark reminder to others not to do the same.

“I can’t bring Mr. Canzani back, and I can’t erase what I’ve done, but you can still be saved, your victims can still be saved,” Cordle claims during the clip.

In addition, he confirmed that he intends to plead guilty to all charges once formally charged.

Before appearing on YouTube, Cordle’s video was first posted on another site dedicated to making promises. The owner of “Because I Said I Would” revealed that Cordle got in contact through Facebook following the video’s release.

“There are a lot of emotions and parties at play here, so we stay in touch as much as possible,” said the site’s owner Alex Sheen.

“Matt is doing as well as he can. He’s upset that people are calling his act of confession ‘courageous’ rather than focusing on the real issue: drinking and driving kills innocent people.”

Speaking with CNN earlier in the week, Cordle’s defence lawyer admitted that he had no idea about the video which would eventually go viral.

“The video he released is a testament to both his integrity and his character, and I know that he intends to fully cooperate throughout the tenancy of all these proceedings,” stated George Breitmayer.

Jamie Oliver Labels UK Workers Lazy, Sparks Debate Across Britain

Jamie Oliver Labels UK Workers Lazy, Sparks Debate Across BritainJamie Oliver landed himself in hot water this week, when some of the remarks he made during a Good Housekeeping interview piqued the interest of the UK public. Sparking a debate that seems to have the UK split right down the middle, Oliver stated that he really couldn’t talk about what’s been dubbed “modern day poverty” in the UK because in his experience, most of the families that claim to be struggling still manage to own huge television sets and any number of unnecessary luxuries.

His argument is that families tend not to see the food they eat as any subject of priority – an attitude that stands to instill negative habits in children.

But that wasn’t the most controversial statement that got the nation talking – it was only when the celebrity chef let rip about his feelings for UK workers that the uproar really kicked off. As far as he’s concerned, British workers are for the most par “wet behind the years” which is why he favors “stronger and tougher” employees from Europe.

He told reporters from Good Housekeeping magazine that if he had no choice but to rely on an all-British workforce, his chain of restaurants would close down altogether. He was adamant that the overall work ethic of the UK was on a slippery slope into oblivion and the next generation of workers was being coddled into expecting too much for too little.

“I have never seen anything so wet behind the ears,” he said.

“I have mummies phoning up for 23-year-olds saying to me: ‘My son is too tired.’ On a 48-hour-week! Are you having a laugh?”

Polls and surveys carried out since the interview seem to suggest that much of the UK public is right behind Jamie, along with a growing number of influential figures from across Britain. The consensus between his supporters is that UK workers do nothing but complain about the influx of European workers when it truth they only have themselves to blame as they are unwilling to work as hard for the some money.

On the other side of the fence though, critics argue that while the wages European workers earn are often sent home to their families where they facilitate an amicable life, they are simply too low for the standard British family to live off. As such, families in the UK are ending up unable to get by as foreign workers continue to undercut them and agree to salaries a native family cannot make ends meet with.

Spain Holds Firm on Gibraltar, Refuses to Stop Intensive Border Check

Spain Holds Firm on Gibraltar, Refuses to Stop Intensive Border CheckSpain has maintained its stance on the implementation of strict border controls between the nation and the British territory of Gibraltar, a spokesman for the foreign ministry told reports from Reuters. The argument between the two nations has been gradually stepping up over recent weeks and diplomatic tensions are heading closer to breaking point.

“The controls are not a right, they are an obligation,” the news agency was told.

Britain has already pledged its intention to take Spain to the European courts over what it calls deliberate and unacceptable instigation of delays at the border with Gibraltar. Locals, tourists and business travellers alike are facing increasingly sever queues at the border as immigration official carry out intensive checks and searches which according to the UK have been stepped up for no good reason whatsoever.

The Spanish government maintains its stance that the checks are necessary in order to ensure the prevention of smuggling and money-laundering, therefore refuses to back down despite growing international pressure.

Germany Lashes Out at Russian “Dictatorship” Attitude to Gay Rights

Germany Lashes Out at Russian “Dictatorship” Attitude to Gay RightsCabinet ministers from Germany have accused the Russian government of behaviour befitting a “flawless dictatorship”, citing the country’s increasingly severe “gay propaganda” law backed by President Vladimir Putin.

The accusation serves as a stark illustration of just how frayed the bond between Germany and Russia has become over recent years, since the country fell under the control of chancellor Angela Merkel.

“We must make clear when in contact with Russian politicians that this collapse in fundamental democratic values is not acceptable, and that Russia is moving towards becoming a flawless dictatorship,” said Dirk Niebel, the German Development Minister while being interviewed by N24.

The remarks came a day after Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, Germany’s Justice Minister told a national newspaper how the Russian government is “taking a another big step towards becoming a flawless dictatorship in ostracising homosexuals”.

Those opposed to the apparent Russian persecution of homosexuals speak of a government that effectively seeks to prosecute any person clearly supporting homosexuality or gay rights, while at the same time not permitting same sex couples to adopt children.

It had been feared that the argument would spill over to such an extent that it may affect Germany’s participation in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Critics of the law have said it effectively disallows all gay rights rallies and could be used to prosecute anyone voicing support for homosexuals. Jacques Rogge, the International Olympic Committee President, has already spoken to the Russian Government, requesting an explanation as to how the law will be upheld during the games.

Despite Germany’s clear disapproval of Russia’s stance, the nation has insisted it has no intention of boycotting the games altogether as to do so would not be productive for any involve parties.

James “Whitey” Bulger Found Guilty, Will Die in Prison

James "Whitey" Bulger Found Guilty, Will Die in PrisonJames “Whitey” Bulger has this Monday been found guilty of racketeering and murder by jurors at a Boston Federal Court and will remain in prison for the rest of his life. One of the world’s most famous gangsters whose reign of terror gripped Boston during the 70s and 80s, 83-year-old Bulger had managed to remain on the run for over 16 years.

He stood emotionless and silent as the verdict was delivered by the jury, wearing dark pants and a plain grey shirt. He’s due to be sentenced on November 13th but there is no doubt that Bulger has seen the last of the freedom he’ll enjoy in this lifetime. In exchange for crucial information he offered on rival gangs and the Italian Mafia, the feds often turned a blind eye to the crimes Bulger was consistently chalking up.

The trial lasted two months in all, during which time the details of various atrocities committed by Bulger were laid bare. The Jury was told about multiple shootings of rival gang members in public place and in broad daylight, along with the way in which his associated would dismember the bodies of those they’ve murdered in order to make identification more difficult.

Bulger was tipped off by a federal agent in 1994 that he would shortly be arrested, prompting him to flee Boston and subsequently spend a full 16 years evading capture. He remained one of the “Ten Most Wanted” criminals in the world sought by the FBI for much of his time on the run, though would eventually be caught right here in the US sunning it up in California.



Texas Teen Facing Jail Sentence for “Sarcastic” Facebook Slur

Texas Teen Facing Jail Sentence for “Sarcastic” Facebook SlurOne thing that Facebook proved to the world like nothing else is the power out words can have when typed in plain English. The inability to convey real feelings and emotions often makes it difficult to know what kind of angle to approach an online statement from, which has in turn led to fall-outs, the breakup of marriages and all manner of mayhem.

Now, one teenager from Texas by the name of Justin Carter has found out the hard way just what can happen when the comments you make online are picked up on by others. The 19-year-old is today behind bars in a San Antonio prison cell and is facing a lengthy sentence if found guilty on the charges he faces.

And as far as he himself is concerned, the comments he made on Facebook were only ever meant to be interpreted with sarcasm.

He faces the charge of threatening terrorism and could technically be handed down eight years in the slammer if found guilty.

His time in prison is already taking its toll and it’s been confirmed that he’s been put on suicide watch around the clock.

“He’s very depressed. He’s very scared and he’s very concerned that he’s not going to get out. He’s pretty much lost all hope,” Jack Carter, Justin’s father told CNN reporters.

Things kicked off a while back when Justin was playing a video game called “League of Friends” and ended up in an argument with a fellow Facebook user.

“Someone had said something to the effect of ‘Oh you’re insane. You’re crazy. You’re messed up in the head,’” his father told CNN.

“To which he replied ‘Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in the head. I’m going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still-beating hearts.’”

According to official court reports, the teenager’s Facebook comment actually stated: “I’m f****d in the head alright. I think I’m a shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down and eat the beating heart of one of them.”

He then added the ‘LOL’ and ‘J/K’  abbreviations in order to confirm that he wasn’t serious and was instead making a joke – albeit a rather ill-conceived one.

The comment was picked up on by a Canadian woman who subsequently informed the local authorities. Justin was then arrested and has been held in custody ever since.

“I thought it was a joke. I couldn’t believe the person that called me. I kept telling them they have to be kidding. When I realized he wasn’t, I literally broke down crying,” his father stated.

Debate has since raged as to whether this particular teenager is being deliberately made an example of by law enforcement authorities to serve as a warning to others, as supporters of Justin Carter have labeled the whole incident a ridiculously over the top pantomime. Even his lawyer has lashed out at the courts for setting his bail at $500,000 which is more than three-times what is often demanded for murderers and rapists.

WHO: Anti-Smoking Efforts Will Save 4.7 Million Lives by 2030

WHO: Anti-Smoking Effort Will Save 4.7 Million Lives by 2030Stricter rules on smoking and greater global education could lead to at least 4.7 million lives being saved before the end of 2050, a new study suggests.

Published by the World Health Organization, the report discusses the way in which existing policies have made an extraordinary difference during the studied period from the year 2000 to 2010. The team looking into the positive effects the strategies had in over 40 countries all over the world in order to come up with the highly optimistic prediction.

The strategies are bunched under the ‘MPower’ name which collectively covers various initiatives geared toward outlawing promotion and advertising of tobacco, closer monitoring of tobacco use, enhanced warnings about the dangers of smoking, the protection of people from tobacco smoke, offering assistance to those trying to quit and increasing taxes on tobacco products.

A previous study carried out by a team from the WHO estimated that approximately 8.3 million global deaths would occur by 2030 directly as a result of smoking tobacco. The purpose of the latest project was to assess if and how much this figure had changed in the meantime so as to see what was working and make a more accurate projection for the longer-term future.

“These findings demonstrate the magnitude of the actions already taken by countries and underscore the potential for millions of additional lives to be saved with continued adoption of MPower policies,” the team revealed.

The latest round of figures shared by the WHO points to an impressive 2.5 million fatalities being avoided by outlawing public smoking, along with a massive 3.5 million deaths averted by making cigarettes more expensive via taxation increases. In addition, the report claims that 1.4 million lives could be saved by reinforcing health warnings, reducing advertising and offering more assistance to smokers trying to quit.

All in all, the researchers see an incredible 14.8 million deaths being prevented by 2050.

“In addition to some 7.4 million lives saved, the tobacco control policies we examined can lead to other health benefits, such as fewer adverse birth outcomes related to maternal smoking, including low birth weight, and reduced health-care costs and less loss of productivity due to less smoking-related disease,” according to David Levy who led the study.

Expulsion of Comatose Polish Immigrant Sparks International Outrage

Expulsion of Comatose Polish Immigrant Sparks International OutrageBring me your tired, your poor but not your sick – the motto it seems one US hospital is working under when it comes to the treatment of foreigners. In a case that has rocked the international medical industry to its core, an immigrant from Poland came out of a coma only to discover he had been kicked out of the country and shipped back home – while unconscious.

Wladyslaw Haniszewski woke up in the hospital of his home town of Boleslawiec, after treatment that’s been compared to the shipping of invaluable freight or livestock. He had previously been living in the United States for more than three decades and needed regular medical attention for a blood disease.

When staff at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital discovered that Haniszewski didn’t have the medical insurance required to cover his treatment, he was quick literally packaged up and carted off to Poland despite being incredibly frail and comatose. Polish nationals have reacted with fury and outrage to the barbaric treatment of the man, who they claim was seen by the hospital as nothing more than a ‘sack of potatoes’ with no value.

Boleslawiec hospital workers are also up in arms as they claim the Americans simply “dumped” Haniszewski on them without giving them even the slightest chance to evaluate what was going on and make preparations for him. As such, he is now costing the Polish hospital money as was the case in the America hospital that expelled him.

One of the most disgusting things of all is the way in which not a single one of Haniszewski’s friends or family were informed that he was being kicked out of the country. Instead, most didn’t have a clue that anything was happening until seven-days later.

His condition has left him without the ability to speak and had recently been communicating only with his smile. He was forced to move into a homeless shelter in New Jersey after he lost the job he had previously been holding down, but his deteriorating health would eventually get the best of him.

Human rights campaigners are livid with the inexcusable actions of the hospital and US authorities in general.

All US hospitals must in accordance with national law treat patients that are brought in as emergencies, but at the same time they can also send ‘undocumented patients’ back to their countries of origins through a process called ‘medical repatriation’.

The fact that they enforced this with a man in such a condition and while comatose has nonetheless shocked the world.

Drink Driving Considered Acceptable by 7% of British Motorists

Drink Driving Considered Acceptable by 7% of British MotoristsAsk most people to give their thoughts on drink driving and chances are you’ll be given the same response. Call is irresponsible, abhorrent, reckless or just downright stupid – the general consensus is that driving while under the influence of alcohol is just plain unacceptable.

However, a new study carried out in the UK has suggested that a rather worrying percentage of the nation’s motorists are still more than happy to drive after drinking. The news comes at a time when drink-drive related deaths across the UK are reaching dangerous highs, apparently confirming that the time, effort and money invested in raising awareness of the problem have been largely ignored by the public.

Should the survey’s results paint an accurate picture of the country as a whole, no less than 7% of all British drivers are confident they still make good drivers when they’ve had a couple of drinks. The number is even higher in Wales, where drinking in moderation and then driving home is considered perfectly acceptable by a solid 10% of motorists.

As has been the case in recent years, those that live in and around London are still on average the strongest advocates of drinking and driving.

As far as law enforcement agencies throughout Britain are concerned, the message is a simple one. Anyone selfish enough to drink before getting behind the wheel is not only taking their own life in their hands, but the lives of any number of other motorists and pedestrians. Further deterrents are to be introduces in the form of higher fines and more penalty points than ever before for those caught flouting the law.

Repeat offenders and those found to be in the worst states of all are being warned to expect jail sentences.

Prices at the Pumps Painful? Just Be Glad You Don’t Live in Europe!

Prices at the Pumps Painful? Just Be Glad You Don’t Live in Europe!Chances are there will never be a time when American motorists do something of a happy-dance while filling up at the pumps. No matter what the price is, it’s always going to be too high for some and chances are will only get higher as the years roll by.

However, if you look at today’s national average gas price of $3.55 from a rather larger perspective, you should at least take solace in the fact that you’re paying way less than your international friends. And it doesn’t matter where you live in the US – the 90cents this way or that makes no difference to the bargain you’re getting without even realizing it!

Let’s take Turkey as just one example – this is a country where you’ll be looking at paying just under $10 for a gallon of regular. It’s the same story in Norway too, which despite being a big oil producer for Europe still charges a heady $9.97 per gallon at the time of writing. It’s all a complex tale of taxes being used to fund government projects, infrastructure, education and so on and so forth, but all the good causes in the world don’t make paying for the stuff any less painful.

On average, those heading to the pumps in Europe will find themselves paying between $6 and $10 more than a US motorist for every gallon. So you have to ask yourself – could you still afford to drive your SUV if you were forced to pay the same?

On the other end of the spectrum there are those major global oil producers where gas is just so cheap it’s barely worth giving away. Taking Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for example, chances of paying more than about $0.50 per gallon is rare to say the least. Venezuela takes things to extremes by offering gallons of gas for as little as a dime – there’s little to no wonder these aren’t the kinds of countries bothered with things like hybrid cars and EV technology.