BlackBerry 10 Plays Big Brother – Thou Shalt Not Use Moronic Passwords….

BlackBerry 10 Plays Big Brother – Thou Shalt Not Use Moronic Passwords….BlackBerry 10 news is among the hottest in the tech-town at the moment and this week has brought yet another delightful snippet of what we can expect from the new Smartphone range and OS next year. According to a leading BlackBerry authority with a penchant for snooping way deeper than most of us ever could, RIM is taking its efforts to look after its customers further than ever before – banning the use of over 100 obvious, guessable and in some cases moronic passwords from use with the new BlackBerry 10 range.

Apparently, RIM is trying to motivate the masses to put a little more thought and consideration into the passwords they choose as a means by which to bolster security of BlackBerry 10 devices form the word go.

It really isn’t difficult to guess the kinds of passwords RIM will not be allowing for use with BlackBerry 10 – prime suspects including Password, 123321, ABCDE, BlackBerry and so on.

Some of the less immediately guessable though clearly offending examples include Winnie the Pooh, Merlin and Batman.

RIM has confirmed the BlackBerry 10 release date event will now take place at the very end of January 2013, with the new Smartphones and OS expected to hit the shelves in early to mid-February.

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