BlackBerry 10 L-Series Landing Page, News & Alert Service Launched

BlackBerry 10 L-Series Landing Page, News & Alert Service Launched RIM’s BlackBerry 10 L-Series has so far only been depicted in mockups, sneak-peeks and so-called leaks, as the frenzied masses wait impatiently for next year’s eventual release date. However, it now looks as though we can add an official photo to the pile, as for the very first time RIM has given the world a glimpse of the real BlackBerry 10 L-Series in all its glory.

…or at least a corner of it, but still, better than nothing!

RIM recently launched a new landing page for the BlackBerry 10, which is to feature news and updates as and when they become available. The page now also depicts the corner of a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone, which in all likelihood will prove to be the fabled BlackBerry 10 L-Series most of us cannot wait to see.

Not that the image really tells us much about what to expect from the first BlackBerry 10, other than it will sport a rather classy textured black back-plate.

Eager fans are also being invited to sign up and leave their email addresses in order to receive advance alerts and notifications when any important BB10 news becomes available.

The buildup to the BlackBerry 10 release date is certainly a big one to say the least, but in truth the new Smartphone range and OS needs to be categorically astounding in order or RIM to right itself. It seems there are still just as many critics and consumers the world over who want nothing more than for RIM to strike-out in a big way with BB10, if only to be able to say “We told you so” and prove a point.

Those of us on the more positive and optimistic side of things however are hoping and praying that BlackBerry 10 has everything it takes and more to not only restore glory to the once great Canadian company, but see a genuine third player join the market as a worthy rival to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

No offense to Windows Phone 8, of course.

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