BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C with Full Keyboard Offered to App Developers

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C with Full Keyboard Offered to App Developers Research in Motion is once again handing out the freebies in the form of BlackBerry 10 Developer editions as part of its ongoing campaign to promote next January’s BB10 launch event. Carrying the catchy title of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C, the device is the very first of the new-generation BlackBerry range to sport the company’s “industry defining” QWERTY keyboard.

Until now, the only devices offered for both demonstrations and for the use of developers have been the full touchscreen BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A and B. Once the Dev Alpha C finds its way into circulation, the world will be granted its first insight into both arms of RIM’s intended BlackBerry 10 comeback initiative for 2013.

However, while RIM’s generosity has known few bounds and seen a good 7,500 Dev Alpha devices handed out so far, the company has revealed that the keyboard-toting Alpha C will be restricted to a select few.

Once again, RIM is offering the Dev Alpha C BB10s in return for the successful submission of BlackBerry 10 apps for the new library. Developers must submit at least two apps and have them accepted by RIM, though only 1,500 Dev Alpha Cs are available in total. And rather than something of a first-come, first-served initiative like last time, RIM will be choosing who gets the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Cs by way of a points system.

For example – BlackBerry Elite Members will be given the same 200 point start as developers that have already received a Dev Alpha A or B. The rest of the points will be awarded depending on the type and quality of the Apps they submit.

Apps have long been dubbed the key to BlackBerry 10’s success or failure as in order to compete with the likes of Apple and Android, extensive efforts must be invested in building sufficient numbers and quality before January’s release date event.

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