Can’t Innovate? They Sure Can Sell – 9 Million New iPhones Shifted Already

Can’t Innovate? They Sure Can Sell – 9 Million New iPhones Shifted AlreadyOver the past few days, there’s been plenty of debate as to whether Apple had adopted a decidedly BlackBerry-esque marketing plan for the iPhone 5S and 5C. Not only did the Cupertino clan refuse to accept pre-orders this year, but talk of supplies being wipes out just two hours after the new iPhones went on sale smacked of a stock shortage.

And some went so far as to accuse Apple of deliberately stockpiling too few units in order to sell out as early as possible and summarily drive demand even higher. It’s a trick that’s been known to work wonders in the past, but one we all cottoned onto some time ago.

Sadly for Apple’s doubters, humble pie is well and truly on the menu tonight as Cook and Co. have apparently done it again. Not only have the weekend’s official iPhone sales stats silenced the critics, they’ve broken records and astonished the lot of us.

In what CEO Tim Cook has called the firm’s “best iPhone launch yet” a staggering 9 million units have already flown out in just three days. We’ve yet to learn the exact figures in terms of iPhone 5S versus 5C sales, but as the 5S was the first to sell out in most parts it’s largely a given that it will have chalked up the lion’s share for Apple.

Third-party analytical groups have already predicted that the iPhone 5S it outselling the 5C by three to one, which comes as little surprise when factoring in the rather minor price difference between the two.

The number of combined sales represents an all-time record for iPhone sales during an opening weekend, which is to some extent the precise opposite to what had been expected by some of the firm’s less optimistic critics.

“The demand for the new iPhones has been incredible, and while we’ve sold out of our initial supply of iPhone 5S, stores continue to receive new iPhone shipments regularly,” read the statement from Tim Cook earlier today.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience and are working hard to build enough new iPhones for everyone.”

And it doesn’t end there either – we’re also told that iOS 7 is likewise making its way into the record books. Despite having received a somewhat mixed response so far, some 200 million users have already downloaded and installed the latest build of Apple’s iconic OS, making it the fastest upgrade of an OS in the history of mobile technology, so says Apple.

The news has driven Apple’s share values up a solid 4.4%.

Doctors Accused of Undertreating Overweight Cancer Sufferers – New Guidelines Issued

Doctors Accused of Undertreating Overweight Cancer Sufferers – New Guidelines IssuedOverweight cancer sufferers are known to have a much higher mortality rate, which has long been attributed to a generally poorer state of overall health. However, reports have come to light suggesting that doctors are routinely and dangerously undertreating obese people with cancer and thus reducing their chances of survival.

Doctors face the accusation of administering smaller and less effective doses of chemotherapy to overweight patients by basing the dose on their weight, as opposed to their size. The reason is said to be the way in which doctors limit how much chemo they give to obese cancer sufferers due to the fear of negative effects on their already poor health, attributed to their excess weight.

It has however been made clear on numerous occasions that larger people are usually able to tolerate larger doses of chemo than those of a smaller side. As such, the apparent best interest of the doctors may have been yielding the polar opposite result.

According to the latest study carried out on the issue, cancer patients with weight problems are being given at least 15% lower doses of chemo than those classified as of a healthy size. The suspicion is us that this could have led to thousands of early and in some cases entirely preventable deaths as to short-change a patient may be a death sentence in its own right.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology has weighed into the debate and insisted that new guidelines be immediately followed when it comes to administering chemo based on size, rather than weight.

Duke University oncologist Gary Lyman spoke of his concerns.

“There’s little doubt that some degree of undertreatment is contributing to the higher mortality and recurrence rates in obese patients,” he warned.

Experts fear the problem could become even worse unless nipped in the bud right now, for the simple reason that obesity is hardly a rare condition in the US. In a country where one in three adults is considered obese and a massive 60% are overweight, it is simply unacceptable to risk short-changing thousands of cancer sufferers and robbing them of their chances of survival, the report argues.

In some instances when a person suffers from heart disease, diabetes or other conditions associated with obesity it is of course prudent to administer lower doses for the sake of their health. The problem however appears to have become the way in which all overweight individuals are being automatically labelled and unfit for full chemo doses, when in reality they could perhaps handle even more of the life-saving treatment than a person of a ‘healthier’ weight.

BlackBerry Z30 Reveal Generates More Yawning than Yearning – A Bleak Outlook

BlackBerry Z30 Reveal Generates More Yawning than Yearning – A Bleak OutlookBlackBerry has just announced its latest and arguably its greatest handset ever – the long-awaited BlackBerry Z30. So why is it that a product unveiling that should have been one of the most exciting and important of the year has turned out to be as thrilling as day-old toast?

Simple really – as great as the Z30 may once have been, it could be all too late for it to prevent BlackBerry going under once and for all. Call it a bittersweet swansong, if you will.

Speculation had been rife since the arrival of the first BB10 handsets that something bigger and generally beefier would be coming soon. And indeed it was…or is…as the BlackBerry Z30 ups the ante in both size and specification stakes. It boasts an impressive 5-inch 720p HD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor clocked at 1.7GHz backed by 2GB of RAM and a superbly capable 2,880mAh battery. Apparently it’s good for up to 25 hours of use from a single charge, but the sad truth is that this is looking like its biggest claim to fame so far.

As impressive as the above spec-sheet sounds in its own right, the problem here is that the Z30 isn’t launching in a vacuum. Quite to the contrary – it’s launching when there’s already a Z10 doing the rounds that’s about 95% identical, albeit with a smaller 4.2-inch screen.

And therein lies the problem. When the majority of big and successful names in the Smartphone world launch a new Phablet or any significantly larger piece of kit, they ensure it has more going for it than girth alone. Take the Samsung Galaxy Note series or the HTC One Max as just two examples – both significantly more capable than their respective flagship Smartphone counterparts.

With the BBZ30 though, no such luck. As such, the only buyers that are going to be interested in the Z30 are those that loved the Z10 but aren’t keen on using it with one hand – a selective target audience at best.

For the rest of us, the Z30 holds no more appeal than the Z10 which has already lost its spark – chances are it won’t help that the Z30 will carry a rather premium price tag.

What’s become painfully clear is that while much credit is very much due for efforts made, BlackBerry 10 just isn’t enough to save the company from a painfully early grave. We all got caught up in the hype surrounding the Z10 and Q10 ahead of their respective launched yet the pair combined weren’t enough to re-float the sinking BB ship.

What chance, therefore, does a BB Z30 have that’s already got more of us yawning than yearning?

Apple Under Fire for Overpriced iPhone 5C of No Interest to Developing Markets

Apple Under Fire for Overpriced iPhone 5C of No Interest to Developing MarketsApple’s efforts to get the iPhone 5C off to a flying start in China turned out to be every bit as disappointing as the device itself.

Given the gravity of the event, you’d have expected at least a handful of Apple execs to fly over to Beijing, prepare an exciting presentation and generally make the country feel as important as it really is to the brand. But no – instead all that was offered was a painfully half-assed video recording of what had gone on at the launch of the new iPhones in California, followed by a hands-on play period where attendees got a better look at the new devices.

So right off the bat, it’s almost like Apple was flipping the bird at the world’s fastest-growing mobile technology market despite the fact that the firm’s future rests on cracking the Far East.

Sadly however that wasn’t where the disappointment ended as the real kicker of the day was the iPhone 5C itself. Not that it isn’t a handsome or capable device, but this was supposed to be the first truly affordable iPhone 5C designed with developing markets in mind.

So with a purchase price of $735, it’s pretty clear that Apple has its own unique definition of ‘affordable’.

To put it into context, this means that the plastic iPhone 5C that’s been built from the ground up with affordability in mind is only $132 cheaper than the iPhone 5S, which will cost $867 unlocked. And even more bizarrely, the 32GB version of the plastic iPhone 5C costs the same as the 16GB iPhone 5S – has somebody gone stark-raving mad behind the scenes?

No matter which way look at it, both the iPhone 5C and the 5S will hit the Chinese market right at the very top of the top-end Smartphone stakes. Or in other words, nothing has changed at all. Analyst had expected Apple to dole out a $350 iPhone for the lower-reaches of the market or perhaps a mid-range iPhone for no more than $500, which would have been pushing it.

As it turns out, they were way off in both estimates.

It’s early days in the story of the iPhone 5C admittedly, but already the outlook is extremely bleak. The launch of any less-expensive iPhone immediately takes away from the prestige of the iPhone’s badge as a whole, which used to be a status symbol in its own right but is fast heading for cliché territory. Now, all this would have been understandable if the iPhone 5C went on to sell tens of millions of units across developing markets, but with a near-$800 price tag there isn’t a chance in hell that it will.

Instead, Apple could have simply alienated millions of floating voters that will now head over to the Android camp while at the same time lowering the street-cred value of the iPhone name – a double whammy of damage for the price of one.

Comments are starting to pour in from the consumer masses and word on the streets from all sides of the world appear to be in agreement – Apple has well and truly misfired with the iPhone 5C and the backlash won’t be a timid one.

Smoothies Declared a Danger to Health – Scientists Warn of Worrying Sugar Content

Smoothies Declared a Danger to Health – Scientists Warn of Worrying Sugar ContentReaching for a smoothie rather than a soft drink has long been the kind of conscious choice that makes us all feel a little bit better inside. According to scientists however, those of us doing so could have being doing ourselves a pretty big disservice due to the hidden dangers in these seemingly innocent wonder-drinks.

It all comes down to the amount of sugar our everyday drinks contain and the detrimental habit of thinking that all-fruit means all-healthy, which it doesn’t. The dangers of excessive smoothie consumption has been highlighted by the very same individuals that brought to the world’s attention the risks associated with high fructose corn syrup quite some time ago – this time they have every other kind od sugar in their crosshairs.

As far as George Bray and Barry Popkin are concerned, now that the major soft drink brands have got their hands on smoothie companies it’s all becoming a bit of a blur in terms of what is and isn’t a wise choice for the consumer.

“Smoothies and fruit juice are the new danger,” the pair told reporters from British newspaper The Guardian.

“It’s kind of the next step in the evolution of the battle. And it’s a really big part of it because in every country they’ve been replacing soft drinks with fruit juice and smoothies as the new healthy beverage,”

“So you will find that Coke and Pepsi have bought dozens of fruit juice companies around the globe.”

Their concern is that the average buyer is to some extend being duped into thinking that these often premium-prices fruit drinks are 100% beneficial to their health and represent massively better alternatives to standard sodas. They market the drinks as ideal ways to take in the recommended daily quota of fruits and vegetables, while failing to clearly highlight the downside.

“Think of eating one orange or two and getting filled,” the scientists said.

“Now think of drinking a smoothie with six oranges and two hours later it does not affect how much you eat. The entire literature shows that we feel full from drinking beverages like smoothies but it does not affect our overall food intake, whereas eating an orange does. So pulped-up smoothies do nothing good for us but do give us the same amount of sugar as four to six oranges or a large coke. It is deceiving.”

His intention is to bring to light the fact that it isn’t just a single type of the sugar that the world should be declaring its enemy, but rather any and every sugar that’s ingested in heavy volumes.

“The most important issue about added sugar is that everybody thinks it’s cane sugar or maybe beet sugar or HFC syrup or all the other syrups but globally the cheapest thing on the market almost is fruit juice concentrate coming out of China,”

“It has created an overwhelming supply of apple juice concentrate. It is being used everywhere and it also gets around the sugar quotas that lots of countries have,”

“But all the long term studies on fruit juice in anything show the same kind of effect whether it’s a smoothie or natural juice and whether it’s a diabetes or weight gain effect.”

Wentworth Miller Admits Multiple Suicide Attempts While Struggling with His Sexuality

Wentworth Miller Admits Multiple Suicide Attempts While Struggling with His SexualityLast month, Wentworth Miller broke a million hearts the world over when he confirmed that he is in fact a gay man. The Prison Break superstar became a Hollywood heart-throb while playing the lead role in the stupendously successful TV show, though would ultimately confirm his homosexuality in a rather unexpected manner.

Having been invited to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival, Miller refused to attend and penned a response condemning Russia’s attitude toward homosexuals, who are for the most part treated like criminals.

His admittance and outspoken response was deemed nothing less than heroic, but a new video of the star sheds light on much less confident and troubled past.

First published by TMZ, the video shows Miller making a speech at the weekend’s Human’s Right Campaign Dinner in Seattle. During the address, he admits that coming to terms with his sexuality was extremely difficult and that he tried to take his own life “more than once” along the way.

“I waited until my family went away for the family and I was alone in the house and I swallowed a bottle of pills,” confesses 41-year-old Miller.

“I don’t remember what happened over the next couple of days but I’m pretty sure come Monday morning I was on the bus back to school pretending everything was fine,”

“Growing up I was a target. Speaking the right way, standing the right way, holding your wrist the right way. Every day was a test and there was a thousand ways to fail.”

He also spoke of the demons he faced when embarking upon his Hollywood acting career, saying that he’d often resort to lying just to get by.

“When I thought about the possibility of coming out, how that might impact me and the career I worked so hard for, I was filled with fear.”

It was only a few weeks ago in August that Miller finally went public about his sexuality, when he refused to attend the film festival in Russia.

“As someone who has enjoyed visiting Russia in the past and can also claim a degree of Russian ancestry, it would make me happy to say yes,” he wrote in the public note.

“However, as a gay man, I must decline.”

“I am deeply troubled by the current attitude toward and treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government… the situation is in no way acceptable, and I cannot in good conscience participate in a celebratory occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systemically denied their basic right to live and love openly.”

YouTube Confession Goes Viral – Matt Cordle’s Warning to Others

YouTube Confession Goes Viral - Matt Cordle’s Warning to OthersIn what has to be the most shocking and compelling YouTube video in the site’s history, an Ohio man comes clean about killing another driver in an unsolved hit-and-run incident. 22-year-old Matt Cordle confessed “I killed a man” referring to referring to Vincent Canzani who died after an accident in the early summer.

“I take full responsibility for everything I’ve done to Vincent and his family,” he states in the video which has since gone viral all over the world. Cordle hasn’t yet been charged, though court official have confirmed that he’s being held under suspicion of causing a fatal accident and is likely to be indicted for aggravated vehicular homicide.

What’s particularly striking and powerful about the video is how expertly it appears to have been produced. When he begins to talk about the June 22 incident during which he lost control of a vehicle after drinking heavily, his face is blurred.

He also spoke of the assistance offered to him by defence at tourneys, stating that he chose to confess when it would have been easy to get away with it.

“All I had to do was lie,” he added.

As far as his motivation for the video goes, his intention was for his mistake to act as a stark reminder to others not to do the same.

“I can’t bring Mr. Canzani back, and I can’t erase what I’ve done, but you can still be saved, your victims can still be saved,” Cordle claims during the clip.

In addition, he confirmed that he intends to plead guilty to all charges once formally charged.

Before appearing on YouTube, Cordle’s video was first posted on another site dedicated to making promises. The owner of “Because I Said I Would” revealed that Cordle got in contact through Facebook following the video’s release.

“There are a lot of emotions and parties at play here, so we stay in touch as much as possible,” said the site’s owner Alex Sheen.

“Matt is doing as well as he can. He’s upset that people are calling his act of confession ‘courageous’ rather than focusing on the real issue: drinking and driving kills innocent people.”

Speaking with CNN earlier in the week, Cordle’s defence lawyer admitted that he had no idea about the video which would eventually go viral.

“The video he released is a testament to both his integrity and his character, and I know that he intends to fully cooperate throughout the tenancy of all these proceedings,” stated George Breitmayer.

Electronic Cigarettes Top Nicotine Patches as Cessation Aids

Electronic Cigarettes Top Nicotine Patches as Cessation AidsThe first study to pit electronic cigarettes against conventional nicotine patches has revealed some interesting data to say the least. For those with a genuine desire to cut down or quite altogether, the high-tech modern approach to cessation seems to have the edge on the patches US smokers have counted on for so long.

Electronic cigarettes have quickly grown from relative obscurity into a multi-billion dollar global industry, though it appears the convenience of the things represents just the tip of the iceberg.

More than a quitting aid, electronic cigarettes are marketed largely as cigarette substitutes to get around bans on tobacco use in public places. They offer the smoker the hit of nicotine needed to ward off cravings, but without producing the potentially deadly smoke shared between the smoker and anyone that happens to be in the vicinity. The smoke is recreated visually, though has little to no odor, disappears in seconds and is harmless to those around.

The removal of the conventional burning of tobacco from the equation immediately brings an array of distinct health benefits for smokers, but at the same time these e-cigarettes are proving of huge benefit for those looking to cut down or quit.

Over the course of six months, a team of researchers looked into the smoking habits of a group of smokers – half of which were issued with nicotine patches and the other half e-cigarettes. At the end of the study, it came to light that while those using the patches had on average cut down the number of cigarettes they smoked by nearly 40%, electronic cigarettes had motivated a drop in tobacco use of over 50%.

Both groups hit an average of one in every 20 smokers quitting altogether, but those issued with the e-cigarettes were said to be considerably more enthusiastic about quitting and dedicated to doing so after the trial. Smokers of e-cigarettes were also the more likely parties to encourage their peers to use the same smoking cessation methods.

“Given the increasing popularity of these devices in many countries, and the accompanying regulatory uncertainty and inconsistency, larger, longer-term trials are urgently needed to establish whether these devices might be able to fulfil their potential as effective and popular smoking cessation aids,” the study’s researches summarized.

LG Launches Second TV Prank Ad – Creative and Convincing, If a Little Cruel

LG Launches Second TV Prank Ad – Creative and Convincing, If a Little CruelMost adverts have us either reaching for the sick-bags or gasping in amazement at how stupid US retailers seem to think we are. It’s not often therefore that an ad comes along that’s so out of the box we actually have to share it online and watch it a few times just to check if we saw what we actually thought we saw.

Well, LG has managed to serve up a pair in the latter category as of late, with this particular second installment being the daddy of the two for sure. Call it immature, call it infantile or call it plain wrong, it’s pretty difficult not to watch this baby for at least the first time and genuinely chuckle.

Deep reflection might have you thinking differently, but first time around you’ll laugh…trust us.

The first video saw hidden screens making it look like the floor of an elevator was falling out from under the feet of those riding in it. Funny yes, but it didn’t look realistic enough to have any of the victims show much more than a split-second jump before they realized it wasn’t real.

This time around though, the terror is real…unless they brought in actors, but we don’t think this is the case. A massive 82-inch Ultra HD TV set is placed within the wall to look like a window and displays a picture of the view from high above the city. Victims are led into the room and made to think they’re about to have a job interview, but they aren’t.

Instead, the TV shows what seems to be a meteor colliding with the Earth outside and basically bringing with it the end of all mankind. As soon as the ‘candidates’ see the meteor coming, they scream, panic, fall of their chairs, hide behind the desk and so on and so forth – they really do look like they’ve just see the end of the world…which they kind of have.

And of course, it’s all picked up by a load of hidden cameras so you can enjoy their terror from a variety of angles.

Of course, those made fun weren’t all blown away by the idea and didn’t react fondly when they were told they’d been set up. Nevertheless, they certainly helped LG prove its point about these undeniably impressive TV sets…not that we’d be able to afford one if we wanted to, anyway.

Take a look:

Early Samsung Galaxy S5 Debut Tipped – Why It Might Happen

Early Samsung Galaxy S5 Debut Tipped – Why It Might HappenWould you believe it if you were told that the Samsung Galaxy S5 might be out before the end of the year? We didn’t either, but there certainly seems to be a growing stack of evidence that the S5 will to some extent be pushed forward and make its first appearance earlier than expected.

The argument as far as the rumor-mill goes is a pretty simple one – everyone is already bored with the S4 and so Samsung needs to pull its finger out and get busy with something else…and fast. Which to some extent is to be expected as for all the power and might it packs, the Galaxy S4 just doesn’t exist in the same league as say the LG G2, the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z and so on and so forth.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Samsung made a bit of a boo-boo coating the best Smartphone they’d ever made in plastic – a bit like hiding your Gucci sweater under a $4.99 coat from the market. Sales of the S4 are steadily heading south and aren’t predicted to hit their former glory ever again, so disappointing as it may be at such an easy stage, it’s already game over.

But it’s not all doom and gloom as word on the grapevine is that the Galaxy S5 is already pretty much finished and ready to go into production. We’re told the assembly lines could be started up as early as November, which therefore means that a 2013 arrival of the thing really isn’t impossible.

If the S5 was expected to be a complete and total overhaul we’d be more skeptical, but all it needs to be is the phone the S4 should have been. Or in other words, it needs to be wrapped in metal, sport Samsung’s eight-core CPU under the hood and maybe just a couple of other minor upgrades. A new OS would also be great, but isn’t of paramount importance.

In any case, it’s been decidedly by analysts across the board that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 simply must be the final top-end device they ever release that’s coated in the glossy cheap stuff or risk being left completely in the dust.