Apple’s iPhone 5 – The Ultimate Smartphone Paradox

Apple’s iPhone 5 – The Ultimate Smartphone ParadoxHow can a single Smartphone prove to be the biggest thing in mobile technology history and yet decidedly dull at the same time?

A seemingly impossible balancing act, though one that has been pulled off in spectacular style by Apple with its (not exactly) all-new iPhone 5.

Ever since the iPhone 4S surprised us all with its appearance late last year, rumor and speculation surrounding the fabled iPhone 5 flew literally off the scale. In fact, despite the iPhone 4S going on to become the most successful Smartphone in the history of the market and Apple’s crowning glory, critics and consumers agreed that it didn’t come close to what had been expected had the iPhone 5 been released in its place.

The problem was that while the 4S was a superbly advanced Smartphone ad towered head and shoulders above its rivals, it was nothing more than a slightly-vitamin enriched version of the iPhone 4. Of course, new features like the Siri voice assistant and the addition of a Retina quality display seemed to pack more than enough appeal to win over  the masses, but the iPhone 4S as a whole was exactly as its name suggested – as in an iPhone 4 with a few tweaks.

So, it didn’t take long for the vast majority of projections and predictions to once again carry over to Apple’s Smartphone ambitions for 2012 – the year the iPhone 5 was guaranteed to finally hit the shelves. Anticipation grew by the day and Apple had a lot to live up to, so now the iPhone 5 is here and has delivered on every promise, why has its reception been so lukewarm?

Narrowing things down to specific expectations, the list was topped by the iPhone 5 coming with a larger 4-inch screen, the ever-elusive A6 processor, a sleeker body, iOS 6 and Apple’s first foray into the world of 4G LTE Smartphones – all of which were delivered on. As such, the new iPhone 5 is hands-down the fastest, brightest, sleekest, most functional and all-in-all best Smartphone we’ve ever, ever seen.

Sadly however, it fell short in one of the most important areas of all – the much needed wow-factor.

Generally speaking, most all-new Android handsets and devices from Samsung for example have lived up to the ‘all-new’ moniker by delivering something completely different, perhaps revolutionary to some. The Samsung Galaxy S3 for example took large and bright screens to the next level with its 4.85-inch Super AMOLED, while the Galaxy Note and Note 2 went completely off the rails to further the Tabphone movement.

Or to put it another way, they had a clear and defined hook to grab the imagination of the masses.

In the case of the iPhone 5 however, Apple’s sixth-generation Smartphone may do almost everything better than every single one of its rivals, but when it comes to all-new and revolutionary new features, it brings nothing to the table.

Absolutely nothing at all.

In turn, we’re left with the most remarkable piece of technology in recent history which is somehow at the very same time as exciting as listening the neighbor’s dog bark.

Nevertheless, the Apple badge alone is guaranteed to prove sufficient to see tens of millions of the things flying off the shelves, breaking each and every record without even breaking a sweat.

Early estimates see up to 20 million sales during its opening weekend alone, proving once and for all that it isn’t always what’s inside that counts.

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