Apple Applies for Advanced Radar/Sensory Technology Patent – A Glimpse at the iPhone 6?

Apple Applies for Advanced Radar/Sensory Technology Patent – A Glimpse at the iPhone 6?Apple has applied for a new patent which may offer an insight into one of the most advanced features the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S may carry upon its eventual release. The new innovation applies to technology which would allow a Smartphone or device to recognize individual and authorized users by detecting their heartbeats, skin tones, breath patterns and even via advanced facial recognition.

Given the way in which this represents that third patent application from Apple regarding recognition technology, it can be safely assumed that research and development in this area represents a clear and present driver for the future Smartphone aspirations of the company as a whole. Samsung recently wowed the world’s consumer population with certain Galaxy S3 features including the ability to sense when the user’s eyes were open or closed – Apple it appears intends to take things a bold step further with the iPhone 6, or perhaps the iPhone 5S.

According to various sources with a penchant for Apple snooping, The Cupertino company has for some time been looking into the use of sonar and radar technology to be eventually used on its mobile technology devices. Rumor has it that the research includes radar systems that are so sensitive they can detect and identify an individual’s heartbeat from the other side of a room.

The theory is basically one whereby the use of such technology would allow for the most secure and user-friendly Smartphone or Tablet PC to date, while offering exceptionally fast “waking” times and conserving battery-life by powering down when the user is out reach.

It is also possible that the display panel could be linked to the radar or sensing technology so as to zoom in or out on object depending on the proximity of the user’s face.

And in perhaps a more practical example, Apple is also reportedly working on sensory technology that will prevent a Smartphone – namely the iPhone – from vibrating itself off a table or surface.

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