Affordable 4.8-inch Plastic iPhone Release Date This Summer? You do the Math…

Affordable 4.8-inch Plastic iPhone Release Date This Summer? You do the Math…It’s getting more and more difficult for an iPhone 6 release date, spec or feature rumor to really grab our attention – primarily as they’ve already been done to death for the most part. However, this Monday’s example may indeed qualify and certainly had us scratching our heads this morning, if for no reason other than the bizarreness of the handle.

According to a new report published by The China Times, the next-generation iPhone release date later this year will bring the world none other than the iPhone Math – a new 4.8-inch version of the iPhone we all know and most of us love.

And no, this isn’t another example of a frankly hilarious translation error as the site lists the name in English – the iPhone Math is verbatim.

So, what of the specifics?

Well, according to the reports, the iPhone Math has been earmarked for a June release date and will debut alongside another iPhone, which will be the full-fat upgrade of the iPhone 5. While the iPhone 5 upgrade is said to be coming with a 12-megapixel camera, the iPhone Math is rumored to carry an 8-megapixel sensor, suggesting that the latter could very well be the affordable iPhone that’s been floating round the ranks of the rumor-mill for years.

Numerous grains of salt on standby to say the least, if for no other reason than the June release date suggestion being largely inexplicable – Apple’s hasn’t come close to issuing a new iPhone in the summer months for some time now. And what’s more, it seems highly unlikely that the affordable iPhone – should it exist – will be launched on the very same date as the full-fat iPhone 6 / iPhone 5S, which by rights will in all probability be anything but affordable.

Chances of a cheaper iPhone with stripped-down specs and a plastic body arriving this year are pretty good – the same can’t be said for a name as curious as the iPhone Math.

Then again, who really has any idea what Tim Cook and Co. are dreaming up?

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